Kerbing and Concrete Specialist in Clare & Mid-West Ireland

Have a strange shaped garden, or want to create a new garden bed in the middle of your lawn? Think about getting some kerb done and transform your garden landscape.

Garden kerbing & edging is the best solution available to add style, shape and colour to your property. Kerbing can:

  1. Retain mulch & save water in your garden
  2. Eliminates the need to vertically trim your lawn
  3. Retains earth in place on your garden beds
  4. Keep weeds out of your lawn
  5. Add value to your property

Complete Paving is the premier paving contractor who can creatively design and install concrete kerbing and landscape edging to bring a beautiful appeal to your garden. Moreover, the company has established itself as a groundworks specialist for over 35 years.

How can Complete Paving help with your Kerbing and garden edging?

From driveways, mower strips, path edging, garden borders and much more, Complete Paving can help add value to your home.

  • With natural, rugged, elegant or contemporary looks all available in a wide range of colours, Complete Paving can supply and install kerbing to suit your home and garden.
  • Our machine-laid, continuous kerbing & edging produces beautifully smooth and flowing curves around your lawns, shrub beds, driveway, paths and patios.
  • Our range of colours and patterns will not only compliment but enhance the unique features of your garden.
  • We supply a large range of cobbles and kerbing in natural Granite colours and Limestone both Indian and Chinese.
  • We carry an extensive range of kerb blocks and kerb setts which complement our entire range of paving flags and bricks.
  • Nearly 35 years of expertise in all aspects of groundworks including kerbing will give you the quality, service and experience you would expect from us.

Why choose us?

  • Kerbing is produced in 3 stages - Preparation, Laying, and Finishing. Our highly trained team is able to complete each stage quickly and efficiently, giving you the best quality kerbing on the market today.
  • All our staff are trained in the application of the product. They are thoroughly trained in the use of the equipment; however, much the training’s emphasis is also placed on the finishing of the work so that high standards are maintained.
  • All our workers undergo comprehensive training to ensure the best kerb is laid on the ground.
  • We ensure our customers total confidence in the final appearance of the completed work.
  • At Complete Paving, we can also provide a fast, cost effective solution for all you concrete kerbing contracts.

If you have any questions, queries or you are just interested in our services and need more information please do not hesitate to contact us at +065 6822626 or 085 1551836 or through our CONTACT US page