Expert Walling Contractor Clare & Mid-West Ireland

Have you plans to improve the walling of your home or want to transform your garden into an outdoor haven? You can create distinctive walls around your home and garden with Complete Paving.

Walling is an essential element of hard landscaping. It can be beneficial in many ways such as:

  1. Act as a retaining wall for a steeply sloping site
  2. Act as a small retaining wall to separate areas
  3. Separate planting from seating
  4. Act as a boundary wall for security
  5. Act as a wall just for plain decoration.

Any wall, in particular high retaining walls and boundary walls, must be structurally safe, look good and ‘fit’ with the overall design scheme. Complete Paving have 35 years of experience in building walls so you can be sure your wall will be safe and add character to your property for many years to come.

How Can Complete Paving help you with Walling?

  • Whether you want to do some landscaping refurbishment or add some internal wall features or build boundary walls or entrances, Complete Paving caters for every taste from traditional to contemporary.
  • Our expert team offers support and guidance throughout your project - from concept through to completion.
  • The team is available to discuss the different options for your home and garden walls providing a free estimate service and on-site building demonstrations if required.
  • Complete Paving is an expert with 35 years in all aspect of garden wall construction from decorative walls to raised borders and retaining walls.
  • We can help build a retaining wall for your garden if it is on a slope and can provide seating and planting areas or build a flat area to park the car.

At Complete Paving, we carry an extensive range of walling options suitable for traditional or contemporary homes. Popular options include Connemara walling, Causeway walling, Cooley, Ashford walling as well as Gold and Grey Quartz walling.

Talk to our experts at Complete Paving today on +065 6822626 or 085 1551836 for further details.