Pebble Landscaping

Pebble Landscaping Specialist in Clare and Mid-West Ireland

Want to add that finishing touch to your garden landscape? Complete Paving can be relied for all your groundworks maintenance and especially for pebble landscaping.

It’s amazing what pretty pebbles can do to the look of your garden or driveway. Pebbles are a perfect option to transform your driveway, garden or paths around your home.

  • Garden pebbles and chippings can fill in bare spaces and perform a number of aesthetic and practical functions in landscape design.
  • They look attractive and can be ideally mixed to create separate landscaped areas and add colour to your garden.
  • They can also be used in your flower beds or as plant pot toppings which will reduce your weed growth and maintenance significantly.

How can Complete Paving deal with Pebble Landscaping?

We provide a diverse range of superior quality pebble stone products and custom solutions for discerning homeowners and landscapers seeking to enhance, decorate or transform outdoor living spaces, gardens, buildings or graves that can last a lifetime.

  • We have over 35 years of experience and would be glad to help you select the perfect style for the landscape.
  • We can provide you with a full landscaping consultation and installation service, including suggesting ideas for garden design and visiting you on site for a full assessment and then finishing the work.
  • Complete Paving carry one of the finest selections of natural stone garden pebbles and chippings in the mid-west Ireland.
  • Our extensive collection includes stone chippings, cobble stones, and aggregates with attractive angles and various sizes.
  • Whether you want a simple single colour or want a mix of shades, we have garden stones to suit your every need.
  • We also install Patio Paving Slabs, Fencing, Decking, Garden Edging and Kerbing, Turfing and more.

Why choose us?

  • We supply and install only top-quality products
  • We source our stone from around the globe
  • We provide only competitive prices
  • We offer you wider choice, variety, value and quality at all times.
  • Our team of experts can advise you on how to get the best results.

Not sure which type of garden pebbles is right for your project? Or want to redesign your garden, construct a pathway or driveway or simply want to get some ideas for a future project, please give us a call on 065 6822626 or 085 1551836.